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OTI Encouraged by Reported FCC Move Toward Reclassification

Washington, DC -- Reports today appear to confirm rumors that the FCC will move to reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act at its February 26th Open Meeting. This move would lay the groundwork for a sound approach to strong network neutrality rules.

The following statement can be attributed to Alan Davidson, Vice President of New America and Director of the Open Technology Institute:

“Millions of Americans have been calling on the FCC to adopt strong, enforceable net neutrality rules. Press reports today indicate that the Commission is now headed down the path towards real protections for an open Internet grounded in strong legal authority. While the details of the proposed rules will matter quite a bit, Chairman Wheeler appears to be taking a giant and historic step in the right direction. We look forward to working with the FCC now to fine tune its approach.”

The following statement can be attributed to Sarah Morris, Senior Policy Counsel for New America’s Open Technology Institute:

“This week marks an historic turning point for the future of the Internet. The FCC has spent over a decade trying to correct the misguided 2002 decision that classified broadband as an information service. Today, reports indicate that the FCC will finally right its course and assert the authority it needs to enact sustainable net neutrality protections. We applaud Chairman Wheeler for his leadership in recognizing that Title II is a legally sound, light-touch approach to protecting the open Internet. Reclassification will ensure that the Internet receives the same fundamental protections that have guided communications policy for nearly a century. We look forward to continuing to assess the proposal as details are made available.”

Expert Contacts
Alan Davidson
Director, Open Technology Institute
Vice President, New America
(202) 596-3426

Sarah Morris
Senior Policy Counsel, Open Technology Institute
(202) 596-3409