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Interrupting Foreign Policy: Bringing Women to the Forefront

Over the past year, much ink has been spilled on how women need to speak up and lean in – on how they need to be represented more and better across foreign policy institutions and in and on the media. According to the Op-Ed Project, women author only 10-20% of op-eds. Another way to look at the status quo: a woman over 65 is less likely to be cited as an expert in the media as a boy in the 13 to 18 age group. We can do better than this. But how?

Join New America, Foreign Policy Interrupted, Media Matters for America, and Foreign Policy magazine for a solutions-based discussion on how we can meaningfully change this outdated ratio.

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Elmira Bayrasli
Co-founder, Foreign Policy Interrupted Visiting Fellow, New America

Lauren Bohn
Co-founder, Foreign Policy Interrupted Middle East Correspondent, The GroundTruth Project

Karen Finney
Senior Fellow and Consultant, Media Matters for America

Ben Pauker
Executive Editor, Foreign Policy Magazine


Anne-Marie Slaughter
CEO and President, New America