• article | January 23, 2015 |

    Apply to be a 2016 New America Fellow

    New America
    New America’s Fellows Program invests in thinkers — academics, journalists, independent scholars, and public policy analysts — who offer fresh and ...
  • article | January 15, 2015

    Fighting Terrorists With Our Ideals Intact

    Yascha Mounk
    After last week’s terror attacks in Paris, European leaders invoked the spirit of unity. Barely a week later, it has become painfully evident that ...
  • article | January 08, 2015

    Can the Young Turks Save US?

    Ari Ratner
    Does America need an Arab Spring? It’s a question that may seem absurd after the turmoil following the revolutions of 2011. Yet, it’s the question ...
  • article | December 12, 2014 | Fellows

    The Road to Fame Premieres on PBS

    New America
    Fellow Hao Wu is a documentary filmmaker whose projects explore the complexities of modern China. In The Road to Fame, he tells the story of the go...
  • article | October 20, 2014 |

    6 things you need to read on the meat industry

    New America
    In preparation for our event that will be broadcast on CSPAN on how America’s meat industry is returning to the Jungle on Monday, October 20th, her...
  • article | October 16, 2014

    Gaza’s Unseen Casualties

    Brian K. Barber
    New America Fellow Brian Barber describes what you need to know about the Gaza Strip that you can’t see in photographs and don’t hear enough about ...

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