7 Things You Should Read to Know Why Yesterday Was a Net Neutrality Game Changer

article | February 05, 2015

  • New America

It's been a big week for net neutrality. After a over a year of vigorous debate about the best way to protect the Open Internet, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler published an OpEd in Wired yesterday where he outlined the details of his proposed net neutrality rules. He's been hinting at it for weeks, and now it's official: the Chairman confirmed that the FCC plans to reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act, and will use that authority to implement strong rules that apply to both wired and wireless networks. But nothing is final yet. Over the next few weeks, the other four FCC Commissioners will review the Chairman's draft rules ahead of an expected vote on a final order at the FCC's open meeting on February 26. Here's what you need to know the net neutrality debate and what to be mindful of as more details emerge about the specifics of the proposal.

This is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality

By Tom Wheeler

After months of debate and mountains of public comments, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler outlined his plan to ensure net neutrality in this first-person essay, published Wednesday.

What Is Net Neutrality, Anyway?

By Marvin Ammori

Net neutrality is like that philosophy book you were supposed to read in college—you nod your head when its name comes up, but do you really know what it means? You will after reading and listening to this explainer from Future Tense fellow Marvin Ammori.

I Thought the FCC Chairman Would Kill Net Neutrality Forever. I Was Wrong.

By Dan Gillmor

In a marathon debate, sometimes people can surprise you. That’s what happened to Dan Gillmor, author of Mediactive, who admits that his early cynicism about Tom Wheeler’s approach to net neutrality was a rush to judgment.

The FCC Chair’s Internet Pivot

By Brooks Boliek, Alex Byers, and Bill Duryea

This piece gives a detailed overview of the last year in net neutrality, including how John Oliver broke open the conversation and New America’s leadership in mobilizing public and political resources on behalf of an open internet.

No, Strong Net Neutrality Rules Will Not Lead to UN Takeover of the Internet

By Danielle Kehl

The rumors of the UN’s hegemony over the Internet have been greatly exaggerated, says OTI policy analyst Danielle Kehl.

Proposed Net Neutrality Bill is a Solution in Search of a Problem

By Sarah Morris and Josh Stager

Morris, senior policy counsel for OTI, and Stager, policy counsel for OTI, argue that a recent joint Congressional proposal is an improvement in the legislature’s overall outlook on net neutrality but that—as always—the devil is in the details.

The 2014 Open Internet Roller Coaster

By Sarah Morris and Danielle Kehl

Sarah Morris and Danielle Kehl recap the highs and lows of the open internet debate in 2014.


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